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Sure Men and Women Antibacterial Odor Protection

Prevent sweating and body odour with antibacterial odour protection

It’s our mission to prevent sweating from turning into BO by stopping it where it starts. That’s why Sure Antibacterial Odour Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant fights odour-causing bacteria where it multiplies: your underarms. By reducing 90% of odour-causing bacteria*, it’s your anti-sweat, anti-odour hero – to put the power back in your hands.

*based on antimicrobial efficacy studies in comparison to regular soap.

How it works

Antibac odour protection

Antibac odour protection

The science behind body odour: bacteria gives you BO

From hot sweats to night sweats, all-out-sprints or sweaty commutes – chances are you’ve had a run in with BO. But, sweat itself doesn’t smell. Instead, you can blame the 10 million bacteria living in your underarms. Don’t freak out, it’s totally normal. This good bacteria helps keep your skin healthy, but, its by-product causes that tell-tale smell, BO. How to stop sweating? While you can’t prevent sweating all together, you can rely on an odour-busting antiperspirant to do the heavy lifting for you.


How to stop sweating turning into body odour 

Underarms are the perfect damp and warm environment for this bacteria to thrive. The good news? Our expert formulas keep it under control, so you can stay in-control. Our approach to busting odour is threefold . 1. Antibacterial ingredients inhibit growth of bacteria itself. 2. Alcohols help control the number of bacteria on the skin to keep you smelling fresh because: no bacteria = no bad odours. 3. Aluminium actives help prevent sweating and in turn reduce bacteria on the skin. This is our triple-charged expert technology to reducing body odour.


Prevent sweating with expert formulas

Our expert formulas are here for every movement, and every moment. They’re created with one thing in mind: to help prevent sweating with ingredients to fight odour-causing bacteria. That means no compromise on underarm dryness for high-fives and big waves. Power-up your defence with this advanced technology that helps fight BO, every time you swipe, spray or roll.


The Bottom Line

10 X Antibacterial Protection

The more you move, the more it works

Reduces 90% of odour-causing bacteria


The science

  • bacteria on skin

    Everyone carries bacteria

    Over 10 million bacteria live in your underarm. Soap alone isn’t enough to protect you from body odour.

  • body odour

    Body odour is bacteria

    Body odour is produced by bacteria on the skin that break sweat down into acids. This makes your armpits the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive.

  • fight the source

    Fight the source

    Specifically formulated with ingredients to fight odour causing bacteria, giving you the confidence of 48hr odour protection.

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