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Our best dryness protection in a smaller can.

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Sure Cotton Dry and Quantum Dry Compressed Antiperspirant


Our best dryness protection in a smaller, smarter can

Same amount of anti-perspirant protection in a smaller can

50% less propellant gas and 25% less aluminium in the packaging makes them better for the environment

Compressed lasts just as long as the regular cans when sprayed for the same amount of time

The science

  • new spray system

    New spray system

    By reducing the amount of gas needed to deliver the same amount of product, Compressed aerosols last just as long and work just as well as regular cans.

  • less waste

    Less waste

    By compressing our anti-perspirants we’re using less aluminium, so there’s less waste to the environment. All aerosols can be recycled once they’re finished.

  • Improved design

    Improved design

    Compressed cans are a portable size, with a softer feel spray and comfortable to handle and use.


  • CEW (UK) Beauty Awards 2014: The Eco Beauty Award

  • Retail Industry Awards 2014: Health & Beauty Product Launch of the Year

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