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Workout Motivation – Your 7 Day Workout Plan

Workout Motivation – Your 7 Day Workout Plan 

Getting in to a daily exercise routine can be tough. The best workout motivation? Having a plan of action, quite literally. With exercise, if you know the what, when and how, getting around to working out becomes a little easier. From cardio to core, yoga postures to a pilates exercise–and the unsung hero–rest day; we’ve planned a week of workout routines to help you Move More At Home. At the very least, you can finally keep track of the days. Let’s go!  

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    Monday Motivation – Let’s HIIT It

    Monday motivation – let’s HIIT it

    Mondays go one of two ways: either you dread them, or you dominate them. Intense, we know, but it’s all in the attitude, baby. Say hello to a HIIT workout at home. High intensity interval training is the perfect Monday motivation. A small space indoors, a timer and a few minutes to spare is all you need to crush a bit of cardio. Try our 10-minute HIIT workout at home. 

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    Tuesday – Leg Exercises at Home

    Tuesday – leg exercises at home

    Find a space do your leg exercises at home, put on a tune and let’s get to it. First, low lunges. Start with your feet together and take one big step forward, lowering yourself and then return to standing position. Alternate each leg. Now, jump squats. Lower your body down into a squat and as you come up jump into the air. Repeat 15 times. Repeat these two sets twice more each and hello burn (the good kind). 

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    Wednesday – Pilates Exercise for Abs

    Wednesday – pilates exercise for abs

    The roll up. Start by lying down on a mat, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Imagine the soles of your feet are glued to the floor. Lying flat, keep your arms and elbows straight by your side, fingers pointed. When you’re ready, keeping your arms straight and pointed out in front of you, sit up. Put on a series and slowly repeat for 15 minutes. 

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    Thursday – Yoga Postures for your back

    Thursday – yoga postures for your back

    These yoga postures will help strengthen and align your spine. Cat-cow: on your hands and knees start by lifting your head to the ceiling and arching your back inward. Then straighten your back and bring your chin to your chest and arch your back towards the ceiling. Child’s Pose: sit back on your ankles, hands behind your back and lower your forehead to your mat. Breathe deeply and relax. 

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    Friday – Killer cardio

    Friday – killer cardio 

    You need 20 minutes, determination and Eye of The Tiger on full blast. The format with each exercise is 30 seconds of moving, 30 seconds rest and four rounds per exercise. Start with high knees, then jump squats (hello old friend), burpees, skipping and star jumps.

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    Saturday– Chest and Arms

    Saturday – chest & arms

    It’ the day before your rest day, so let’s give it one last push (up). Yes, it’s chest and arm day. Start off with 10 push ups. Focus on your breathing and keep your core engaged. Now dips. With your back to your kitchen counter, grab the edge of the counter and dip down bending your elbows. This one? Whew…good luck.  

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    Sunday – Rest, glorious rest

    Sunday – rest day

    You made it. Run a bath, soak your muscles, drink plenty of water (and/or wine) and enjoy a day of much needed and well-deserved rest. 

From yoga postures to killer cardio and then some, all you need is 10-20 minutes a day to complete your 7-day workout. Now, up off the sofa, let’s go.