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After having her son, Hannah decided to leave her job in PR to work for herself and spend more time with her family. As a cycling instructor, she’s all about breaking down walls. Whether that’s confidence blockers or simply saying, I can’t. Hannah’s favourite motivational saying? Yes, you can. She’s set on creating a feel-good, non-intimidating space for women and their families to workout in. High-five, Hannah!

When asked about her favourite household items to workout from home with, Hannah said,

“A chair, someone you live with and wine bottles all make for great props!”

Okay, seriously, we love this woman!


Outdoor or garden running

Top Tips:

“Run to how you feel that day – it’s not possible or wise to chase a PB every day. So, split your runs into longer distance runs, shorter distance and intervals to mix it up and avoid boredom. It will also ensure you are a more rounded runner.”

We Want to Champion You

We want to celebrate how you’re moving more at home. Post your home workouts on Instagram, tag @sure and hashtag #MoveMoreAtHome

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