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With a heart on sleeve approach, Yoga instructor Meegan believes that outside of social media and fitness trends, yoga is about one thing – spending time with yourself and just breathing.

As an advocate of the body positivity movement, Meegan is inspired by the uniqueness and power of all bodies and aims to have her students work on a gratitude practice towards their own body. When asked what advice she would give to someone starting their fitness journey, Meegan said,

“Move for you. Don’t worry about the reflection in the mirror or what anyone else looks like or is doing and most importantly, what anyone else thinks. Your body is incredible, and your fitness journey will help you realise exactly this.”

We’re 100% team Meegan.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Top Tips:

“Have a really good quality non-slip mat or a towel that won’t move all over the place. Know that sweat is good and completely forget what you look like! Just enjoy it.”

We Want to Champion You

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