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With a background in musical theatre, Steph used to escape the pressures of performing with exercise, in particular, pilates. Falling in love with the mood-enhancing benefits, she has dedicated her time to helping others through pilates too. When asked about what the fitness industry means to her, she said,

“working out made me feel happy and helped me in such a deep way when I was feeling so low. I soon realised that I wanted to give this escape to other people…[That’s] why it’s so important that I provide a welcoming environment for all, no matter what you’re going through, how flexible you are, how strong you are – it doesn’t matter.”


Side lying leg series. Great for mobilising the hip joints.

Top Tips:

Keep your spine and pelvis as still as possible to ensure true movement through the hip joints, and make sure you keep breathing – it will help when the glutes start to fire up. 

We Want to Champion You

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