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15 minute ab workout with Laura Brown

15-Minute Ab Workout with Laura Brown


If you’ve tried and tested our workout builder and for some reason the exercises don’t feel right for you, don’t worry. We have plenty of ways to help you workout in a space and time that suits you. After all, it’s your world, your workout, right? Who better to help you make the most of 15 minutes than Team GB triathlete, Laura Brown? Together, we’ve planned a 15-minute ab workout designed to get you sweating with a smile. Six pack (or even just a flat pack), here you come! 


If 15 minutes is still a stretch for your schedule, we’ll do you one better. Each one of the below exercises (Laura’s 5 ab favourites) can be done in isolation and make for a brilliant five-minute workout for abs. Bish, bash, buff. 

  • 1
    Map out your movements


    Get yourself into a push up starting position. Engage your core and hold for 1 minute. If you find you’re struggling, don’t over exert yourself. 

    Tip: Laura suggests you, “put your knees on the floor but ensure your shoulders are directly over your wrists (high plank) or elbows (low plank) to ensure your core is still engaged.”

  • 2
    Take the HIIT.

    Weighted lunge

    With weighted workouts, it’s all about precision before adding pressure. In other words, make sure your form is right before you get the wine bottles or whatever else you wish to use as weights. 

    Tip: Laura’s tips for technique? Test and learn. “Reverse lunges are usually safer to start with as it’s easier to control your centre of gravity as opposed to a forward lunge. Always practice your lunges before adding weight”, advises Laura. Plus, lunges are a great way to make sure you’re really getting a full ab workout in just 15 minutes. 

  • 3
    Good tunes

    Goblet Squat

    Hold a house plant (or some other household item) close to your chest, but perfect your form before you fire. Laura says that, “knees should track over toes; chest should stay lifted and you should be driving up from the heels not toes.” That way you can lower yourself down slowly adding weights to increase pressure as you go

  • 4
    Stay on track

    Sweat it out

    Pressure usually means sweat and whether you’re working out from home or outdoors, it’s always handy to have protection, such as Sure Advanced Protection for 72 hours of ultimate sweat and odour protection. 

  • 5
    Minimise rest

    Leg Raises

    A killer ab workout will always include these devils. They’re tough but easy to execute and with just 3 minutes on the clock, it’s a piece of cake (speaking of, treat yourself to one after this 15-minute ab workout). 

    How To: Lying flat on your back, legs and arms straight, arms by your side; slowly lift both your legs into the air and lower them back down. It’s a real gut buster. Perfect. 

  • 6
    Switch up your session

    Bear crawl

    Get onto your hands and knees, keep your back straight, lift your knees ever so slightly off the ground. Begin to crawl forward and don’t let your knees drop. Keep your steps small and focus on your breathing. 

    Tip: Laura says, “breathing is always important in exercise, but you can make it more effective by exhaling on the hardest part of the move.” Now that you have your exercises for a killer ab workout, get the weights, your watch, annnnd let’s go.

Whatever the workout, at the end of the day it’s about what makes you feel good, even if that’s just for 15 minutes. For Laura’s last bit of workout wisdom, she advises, “it’s always easier to find the time when it’s something you really enjoy. Find a workout that makes you feel more energised and happier.”