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Sure Best ways to work out

20-minute cardio workout at home with Laura Brown


Together with Team GB triathlete, Laura Brown, we’re on a mission to help you move more in your day-to-day life. We know finding the right workout is tricky and if our workout builder didn’t give you exactly what you’re looking for, then here are a few extra ideas to get you started. With just 20 minutes, you can kick cardio’s butt and even get the kids involved for a bit of fun, without compromising on your high intensity cardio workout at home.  

  • 1
    Map out your movements

    Killer Circuit Workouts  

    Circuits are perfect for an intense cardio workout at home as they are varied, creative and more importantly – fun. Yes, it’s true, workouts can and should be fun. If you’re stuck at home having to keep an eye on the kids, but you desperately need to do some quick-fire cardio, Laura suggests starting “a fun circuit in the garden or living room to get the kids involved!”

  • 2
    Take the HIIT.

    Game on

    To start, Laura says, “create 5 stations (jumping jacks, army crawls, tricep dips on the sofa, etcetera). Spend 30 seconds at each station and then rest for 30 seconds as you move to the next one. 4 times through with a quick warm up and cool down and you’ve got yourself a great, family friendly workout.” 

  • 3
    Good tunes

    Keep it simple

    Laura’s number one tip? Keep it simple. With just 20 minutes to spare she suggests you, “use a chair, sofa or a backpack you keep filled with books or just bodyweights to get a great workout but don’t make the set up a slog!”

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    Stay on track

    High Intensity Cardio Workouts at Home 

    Nothing spurs you on like success. Keep track of every personal best and every achievement. When you can see in black and white how much you’ve improved in fitness, your motivation is fed even more.

    Laura says, 

    “HIIT workouts usually involve 30-40 seconds of high intensity followed by 20-30 seconds of recovery. This format is a great way of boosting your cardiovascular fitness and your metabolism in a short space of time.”

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    Minimise rest

    Don’t Go Full Throttle Right Away 

    A cardio checklist would look a little something like this: manage your breathing. Watch your form. Have your Sure Advanced Protection close, and finally, pace yourself. Cardio is about building fitness and strength, not testing it. 

  • 6
    Switch up your session

    Easy does it

    Laura suggests that “you build up sensibly and keep good form. Don’t go from 0 - 5 cardio workouts a week as you’ll burn out and may get injured. Try 2 cardio workouts for the first few weeks and then increase to 3 or 4 as and when you feel ready.”

  • 7
    Dress the part

    Dress the part

    The right clothes make you feel the part, leading to improved focus and motivation. Scientists call it ‘enclothed cognition’ – we call it your new reason to shop. Add Sure Women Bright Compressed Antiperspirant Deodorant to your kit, too. Reliable protection and a dose of confidence in a compact can.

It’s an unpopular opinion, we know, but here it is; cardio can be enjoyable. With a bit of creativity, you can get the family involved while you smash a cardio session in just 20 minutes. All it takes are a few of the right ideas, Laura Brown’s advice and all the motivation you can muster, and you can easily make your world, your workout.