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From 0 to 21 days: how to become active in daily life

From 0 to 21 days:

how to become active in daily life

It takes three weeks for a healthy morning routine to become a habit. And then it’s much harder to break. But sometimes it’s even more difficult to start. From the first movement, these tips will help you make being active second nature and get you enjoying the benefits of physical exercise.

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    The scent of success

    The scent of success.

    Your brain uses sensory triggers to remember things. Scent is a powerful one – so use this to your advantage for exercise. Start every workout with something fresh and clean like Sure Women Bright Antiperspirant Deodorant or Sure Women Cotton Dry Antiperspirant Deodorant. You'll associate the scents with movement and never skip a workout again

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    Pull the trigger

    Pull the trigger.

    When it comes to a good morning routine, behavioural scientists love two things: triggers and repetition. Leave your running shoes out the night before. Even small tasks like looking for your kit can put you off exercising. Seeing your kit ready can be the trigger you need to hit the road each day

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    Get a date in the diary

    Get a date in the diary.

    Forming active habits requires brain hacking. But that’s easier than it sounds when you’re clued up on all the health benefits of physical activity. From day one right up to day 21, track your mood and movement. You’ll start to form mental patterns that tell you these habits are here for good

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    Be the best in class

    Be the best in class.

    You signed up to the gym with the best intentions, but life can get in the way. A proven method for motivating yourself is a simple brain hack: pay to move. Research shows that when you bulk buy classes – be it 21 yoga sessions or three weeks of CrossFit – you’re more inclined to stick at them

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    Be accountable

    Be accountable.

    Tell your friends your new aim. Sign up to a sporting competition. Make a bet with your partner that you can keep it up. By making yourself accountable, you’re more likely to succeed – a little pressure and a keenness to prove people wrong can do wonders for achieving your goals

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    Tell the world

    Tell the world.

    Social media can be the best exercise tool at your disposal. Be outspoken. Tell your friends online. Post about cycling a long, hilly route. Upload a beautiful picture from a coastal walk. Show off new workout gear. With support, you’ll be more likely to achieve your goals and stay active