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Winter Workouts – Don’t Let Darker Weather Stop You

Winter Workouts – Don’t Let Darker Weather Stop You


When the weather is abysmal, going for a run or simply leaving the house feels impossible. Who said getting outdoors was the only way to burn calories? Even if your space is pretty small, don’t let that hold you back from a bit of exercise. Whether it’s paired up resistance training or easy everyday floor routines that need only a towel – here are a bunch of indoor exercise ideas for staying active during the colder season and darker hours. 


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    Space-saving gym equipment for exercising at home

    Don’t listen to the neigh-sayers 

    If it’s not work or the kids or the trains, it’s something else. Don’t let darker days stop you from getting active. If we’re honest, it’s something we’re all guilty of. Constantly hearing complaints about the weather everywhere you turn will undoubtedly sway your mindset. Before you’ve even tried to get yourself motivated, you’ve already decided – not today. 

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    Sweat during a series

    Let’s embrace the darker days

    Swap Friday nights at the pub for a paired-up High Intensity Internal Training* session with a friend. Top up on reflective gear, a beanie, your Sure Pure Fresh Anti-perspirant Deodorant and hit the road or set a timer and smash a few HIIT workouts. Weather will come and go, but your mindset can be a constant. You’ve got this!

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    Storage-friendly equipment


    When it comes to everyday exercises, a buddy system in winter is a great way of staying active. Whether it’s your partner, roommate or colleague – pair up and push each other to sweat a little each and every day. 

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    Toning tool

    High intensity interval training

    Hiit workouts are intense short bursts of exercise are ideal for wherever, whenever and is a great approach for paired resistance training. Link your legs together and crush a couple of sit-up sets. When you workout together, you commit to getting active whatever the weather. Anything that’s hard becomes easier – well, in theory, but at least you’ll have a buddy to cheer you on if not.

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    Make it a challenge

    Exercise helps how you feel

    Seasonal Affective Disorder is nothing to be sniffed at. Darker hours can affect your mental health and lead to cases of depression and heightened anxiety. That’s why staying active in your everyday is even more important during the colder seasons. 

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    Separate crunch time from me time

    Look good, feel good 

    After work football? Get a squad together and find yourself a football league. As soon as you get home, jump into some workout gear and smash a couple of High Intensity Interval Training sessions*. It’s not about all or nothing, it’s about doing something, no matter how small, every day to get more active. In doing so, you’ll not only look good, but feel good too.

With darker hours and a colder season, it’s really no surprise we don’t stay active in our everyday. But if you motivate your mindset, pair up with a friend to encourage each other and approach winter workouts with an “every little bit counts” attitude – you can do anything.