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Why and how do we use it?

Now for a quick history lesson. Aluminium salts have been used for over half a century as the active ingredient in antiperspirants to control sweat and body odour, while aluminium itself has been used for much longer – hundreds of years, in fact. Aluminium also has a handy secondary benefit, it acts as a preservative to help our products last longer. We know that some of our customers prefer not to use products containing aluminium. If that’s you, no problem – simply look out for our deodorants that are clearly labelled with "0% aluminium salts".


Is it okay to use?

Absolutely. Various health authorities around the world and our safety scientists agree that antiperspirant products containing aluminium salts are effective, extensively evaluated and safe for regular use. In 2020 the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) concluded that aluminium is safe for use in antiperspirants at the concentrations currently used. So it’s good news for you, and bad news for sweaty armpits. To find out more about Unilever’s use of aluminium salts in antiperspirants, please click here.