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Everything you need to know about excessive sweating

Heart racing, sweat trickling, blood pumping. Sweating is normal and completely expected after a high-energy gym session But, what if you just sweat a lot without lifting a finger? Here’s your guide to excessive sweating: from what causes excessive sweating to how to stop excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating

What is excessive sweating?

Sweat is body’s way of cooling us down. We don’t just perspire from our underarms – did you know they only account for 1% of your body’s perspiration? Feet, hands, backs, busts underarms, hairlines and upper lips can all get pretty sweaty, too. Excessive sweating is when our body produces more sweat than average. Bottom line, excessive sweating can really impact your confidence and quality of life. Do you hide sweat patches by wearing black clothes only? Or body swerve spicy foods to avoid breaking into a non-stop sweat? You’re not alone – but with the right knowledge, you can stop excessive sweating from ruling you.

Okay, but what causes excessive sweating?

Medication, hormones, stressful situations, overactive sweat glands and also, ‘who knows’ are some of the causes of excessive sweating. That’s right. Excessive sweating can happen for no known reason. We have 3 million sweat glands all over our body. The majority of them are eccrine glands which secrete watery, odourless sweat all over. The second are apocrine glands, which secrete an oilier sweat and are larger and more active when we’re stressed.

How to beat excessive sweating

There’s no single solution for excessive sweating, but there are lifestyle changes you can make if excessive sweating affects you. Avoiding triggers like spicy foods and alcohol, plus choosing loose-fitting clothing, and natural, more breathable fabrics is a good start. Using a strong, specially formulated antiperspirant at night when your sweat glands are less active is another way to manage excessive sweating, for when you’re on the go the next day.

Our mission: combat excessive sweating

We’re the experts on sweat and it’s our mission to support you no matter what. Especially when excessive sweating strikes. Introducing: Sure Maximum Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant. This anti-sweat champion is powerful protection and ideal for managing effects of excessive sweating. Using breakthrough technology, it creates a micro-shield over your sweat glands to protect you from sweat for up to 48 hours.

Excessive sweating is one of life’s curveballs. But when you’re powered up with the right knowledge, advice and expert products to manage the symptoms of excessive sweating, you can feel confident, dry, and ready to boss any sweaty situation the day throws your way.

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