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5 fitness goals for later life – from core exercises to cardio

We all know keeping active is the secret to staying fit, healthy and mobile at every stage of life. But as time moves on, it’s easy for your exercise routine to fall behind. Maybe your body feels slower, or moves differently than it used to – we get it. But whatever age you are, we’re here to prove that you can stay fit and smash your fitness goals. From a calorie-busting 15-minute workout at home to posture-improving back exercises you can do in a chair – we believe taking cardio to core exercises at your own pace is the secret to giving your weekly workout plan a new lease of life. Inspired? Let’s go…

1. Exercise at home

Staying fit for life takes commitment. But it doesn’t have to cost money. Get the benefits of a full-body workout at home with YouTube tutorials guided by an online personal trainer. You’ll find bespoke workouts for all fitness and mobility levels – from competitive HIIT sessions or Zumba classes to chair exercises that improve posture and supercharge balance. Cheap, convenient and easy to customise around your ability levels and spare time – just add muscle-strengthening resistance bands or hand weights to turbo-boost the benefits.

2. Health benefits of stretching

Being active isn’t just about dance, cardio or weights classes. Regular stretching is an important way to stay active as you get older and a sure-fire way to help prevent aches and pains. It can be as simple as some yoga poses or pilates, bending to touch your toes, or stretching out tight glute muscles. Just remember – technique is everything. If you can’t find a local class to join then follow an online tutorial to bring all-important structure to your stretching routine.

3. Core stability starts with core exercises

As you get older, it’s more important than ever to keep a strong, stable core. Getting to grips with core exercises can help safeguard against back pain, improve your posture and prevent falls by steadying your balance. Try this: lie down on the floor on your back. Then, get yourself into a standing position. Now do that 10 times – hard work, right? That’s because these exercises trigger muscles you didn’t know you had – your core muscles. Unlike stretching, cardio or lifting weights, working on these supportive, intra-muscles is the secret to boosting your body’s ability to move – allowing it to stabilise and support itself easily.

4. Exercise with friends

Can’t find the drive to work out on your own? Make it social. From Zumba classes or swimming with a friend, to rounding up the troops for a day of family fitness – research shows getting active as a team is a serious exercise motivator and helps improve your confidence levels if you’ve fallen out of the habit. By buddying up and making your 30-minute workout social, you’ll not only have way more fun, but be less likely to cancel on exercise dates, too.

5. Take your cardio outside

Research shows nature has serious restorative properties – not just for your body (hello fresh air!) but for your mental wellbeing, too – something that’s good to keep an eye as you get older. While any type of exercise can give you an endorphin rush, when your cardio routine is surrounded by the soothing sights of nature, its stress-busting effects is supercharged. Plus, joining a walking club with a friend beats working out in a stuffy gym, hands down. Don’t you think?

From mastering the power of core exercises to doing a 30-minute workout while you catch-up with a friend, these are the tips to get you confident with cardio and build a healthy, long-term relationship with exercise at any age. The biggest tip of all? Perseverance. Keep at it and you’ll stay active and healthy for years to come.

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