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2020: A bold new era of fitness

Fitness apps are 2020’s pocket personal trainers. You can get stretching tips, cardio hacks and full body home workouts all loaded up on your smart phone – without the need to meet a PT face to face. But what about the future? And, which functional fitness trends and fitness apps are set to make life easier? Boost your workout motivation and add a few must-tries to your list with these next-gen exercises and fitness tips.

Exercise for your DNA

Ever wondered how your body actually responds to carbs or cardio? DNA has the answer –you can find your own bespoke health solutions with a simple mouth-swab test. Do you have more fast-twitch (powerful in short bursts) or slow-twitch (long-endurance) muscles? Need three days or two for post-exercise recovery? Put the personal into personal trainer with your DNA knowledge so you can maximise your workout potential, figure out your optimal diet and know how to prevent injury and boost recovery by knowing exactly what works for you.

Maximum-impact exercise… in seconds

Imagine this: the benefits of a 45-minute spin class in just 40 seconds of work. Sounds impossible? Think again. Technology like CAR.O.L – a next-level exercise bike – has been proven to deliver incredible cardio benefits, in just 40 seconds of hard work – much less than regular exercise. And what about a week’s worth of weightlifting in 15 minutes? This kind of AI-adaptive resistance tech already exists. And a muscle-stimulating suit that uses electrical impulses to quantify a week’s worth of strength training – in one 20-minute session? It’s happening!

Listen up: exercise goes audio

Audio-only exercise fitness apps – like Aaptiv – are the answer for all-access exercise classes, wherever, whenever. If you travel frequently, exercise outdoors and like to switch it up on the regular – audio-guided exercise is set to revolutionise the way you workout. It goes like this: pick your personal trainer and the type of exercise you’re after – once you’ve signed up with the workout app. Choose from 30-minute workouts, strength training, outdoor running, arm workouts and even yoga. Then, your coach guides you through a sequence of moves and techniques set against a carefully curated soundtrack. No fitness app? No problem. Invest time organising your playlists to best suit your workout of choice. Chilled R&B? Surprisingly ideal for yoga stretching. Rap? A great mile-motivator on the treadmill.

Go tech-free with nature’s bootcamp

Hiking, walking, wild pond-swimming. Enter: nature’s bootcamp. Why? We know screen time is on the rise – we touch our phones over 2,500 a day – and, it’s increasing. Studies show links between smartphone usage and increased levels of anxiety. As an antidote to our screen addiction, there’s a growing trend to ditch everything tech and focus on the natural benefits of spending time outside – without a smartphone in sight. Changing the scene to a park, forest or even a garden can add calm – and a great view – to a weekly workout plan. Getting your activity kicks from the great outdoors is as good for the body as it is the mind.

The sub 30-minute workout

Supercharged, super-fast and high intensity – sub-30 minute workouts like HITT (high intensity interval training) are proof you don’t need to spend hours slogging away at the gym to get winning results. No fuss or frills – just hard work, research has shown 20-30 minutes of HITT has the same efficiency as a full hour workout. So, where do you find your next HITT? Try an app or take some fitspiration from Instagram superstar and qualified personal trainer, Kayla Itsines’ BBG (Bikini Body Guide).

Exercise that gives back

Make your weekly workout plan count. Initiatives like Good Gym are popping up where your 5k run ends with a care visit to an isolated pensioner as a new-found way to blend exercise and good deeds. Why not try a trail run and riverside litter pick-up as part of the route? Making a workout count not just for your body, but for someone else’s wellbeing is the way of the future.

Exercise of the future doesn’t only lie in tech-only solutions. Nature’s bootcamp, making a 5K about giving back and fitness apps that resemble a personal trainer in your pocket. The future of fitness is looking bright.

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