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Antiperspirant white marks and how to avoid them

An antiperspirant is a game-changer. It keeps you feeling dry, fresh, in-control and ready for anything the day throws at you. But seeing those streaky, powdery, white marks on your clothes as you step out the door. Nightmare. Antiperspirants are the best defence against body odour and excessive armpit sweating, but can you avoid white marks without compromising your sweat protection? Absolutely yes. Here’s your go-to guide on antiperspirant white marks and stains.

What causes antiperspirant stains and white marks?

It’s all down to what makes antiperspirants so effective. Strong against sweat, great at busting body odour. Here’s the deal: white marks are made up of antiperspirant particles – including its active ingredients aluminium salts – transferring onto your clothes. This residue – when mixed with your sweat – can build up over time and leave behind hard-to-budge stains, even after washing. Deodorants don’t contain aluminium salts but can still leave caked-on white residue. Over time, these marks discolour and damage fabrics, leaving behind annoying yellow stains.

How to prevent antiperspirant white marks

Save your clothes. Give your antiperspirant a minute or two to settle before dressing, this will prevent excess product getting onto them. Secondly, don’t use too much. Your best defence? Choose a specialised antiperspirant that boasts a technologically advanced no-stains, no marks formula, like our Invisible on Black + White Clothes range. Its innovative technology is designed to be gentle on clothes and tough on excessive armpit sweating.

What exactly is Invisible protection?

As the pioneers of protection, we were the first to launch a no-white-marks product way back in 2004 and we’ve been continually perfecting our formulas ever since. It works like this: innovative light-absorbing and unique masking technology in our formula makes residue marks less visible. The result? Invisible protection. The best part is, Invisible Protection is as heavy hitting for excessive underarm sweating as our other champion formulas.

What to do when antiperspirant white marks won’t budge

4-steps to wash away antiperspirant stains

1. Scrub the stain on both sides of the fabric with a regular bar of laundry soap and a clean toothbrush.

2. Lather-up and brush the soap into the fabric.

3. Rinse with fresh water and leave it to air dry.

4. For tough, caked-on stains, repeat the above steps until the mark is gone.

Bicarbonate of soda for antiperspirant white marks and sweat stains

Bicarb is a multitasker and great for busting sweat stains. Mix with a small amount of water to make a paste – its mild abrasive texture helps scrub away stains. Apply it to the stained item with a toothbrush and follow the same steps as above. Test the mixture beforehand on a small patch of your clothes to check for colour fastness.

Vinegar soak

Vinegar is acidic, making it a great go-to for cleaning and lifting stains. Soak the stained part of your clothing in a container of white vinegar. Brush it with a toothbrush after an hour. Again, remember to test a small patch beforehand for colour fastness. After treatment, wash it normally using a bio detergent in a washing machine to help get rid of the vinegar smell.

Now there’s no excuse to let antiperspirant white marks, caked-on stains and excessive underarm sweating ruin a lucky shirt. Switch up your antiperspirant to superior, invisible protection and take on our tips so you can keep your clothes – and your underarms – protected.

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