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Prevent underboob sweat

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woman sweating on chest and under breasts

How to prevent chest sweating

Excessive sweating under the breasts can lead to discomfort, irritation and sweat rashes. Here’s how to prevent it.

A sweat rash under the breasts is a common condition that’s especially prevalent during the summer. As well as a red rash, symptoms include itchy and irritable skin, a burning sensation or even broken skin.


What causes a sweat rash under breasts?

Breast rashes are a form of dermatitis called intertrigo, a condition characterised by inflammation of the skin folds.

The most common causes of sweat rash under breasts are excessive sweating, poor air circulation around the skin and friction between from uncomfortable bras.

Hot and humid weather conditions can complicate intertrigo symptoms and encourage yeast and fungal infections.

Other known causes of breast rash include allergic reactions on the skin or infections of the breast tissue brought about by breast feeding.


How can I prevent sweat rash under breasts?

Sweat rash under the breasts can be a major discomfort, but most simple cases can be easily treated with a few lifestyle changes:

  • Choose a comfortable bra with good support. Wearing tight, uncomfortable bras can leave skin feeling chafed, irritable and more prone to sweat rash.
  • Take cooler showers and baths if your skin feels irritable in hot weather. Dry your body thoroughly after each was and keep your skin as cool as possible.
  • Moisturise dry itchy areas. Regularly applying moisturiser can help to soften and cleanse irritated skin.

Speak to your doctor or dermatologist if you’re still worried about sweat rash. They’ll be able to recommend medicated moisturisers or oral medication for more serious outbreaks of sweat rash under the breasts.


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