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How to stop yellow sweat stains on clothes – starting with your antiperspirant

Antiperspirants: the ultimate go-to for preventing sweat patches, awkward waves, BO and excessive armpit sweating. But, hands-up if you’ve spotted yellow-tinged stains on your shirts? Keeping dry is plan A, but your protection shouldn’t compromise the condition of your clothes. Firstly, what exactly are these annoying marks? With this guide to sweat stains, we’ll keep you dry and protected – plus – save you a fortune on new threads by keeping clothes looking brand new.

Sweat Stains

Sweat Stains

How to stop sweating?

We all sweat, it’s totally normal. Excessive armpit sweating needs serious solutions – enter antiperspirants. A great antiperspirant stops sweating becoming a major issue by creating a temporary shield between your sweat glands and your clothes. The drawback? Sweat, mixed with your antiperspirant, can cause sweat stains. Sweat stains should be washed asap to prevent them becoming more stubborn and yellow over time.

So, what exactly are yellow sweat stains?

Fact: sweat itself is clear. But, when sweat gets on your clothes and dries, the salt, proteins and oils mix together and leave a residue. Aluminium salts – AKA the effective hero ingredient in your antiperspirant – is also a factor in the sweat-stain mix and is the culprit that turns stains yellow. Although, there’s a difference between white marks and yellow sweat stains. Let’s break it down:

What are the white marks on clothes?

Have powdery white streaks forced you to switch your shirt? You guessed it, these white marks are particles from your antiperspirant. Product transfer and dressing too quickly before your antiperspirant dries are some of the worst offenders. The good news? They’re easy to avoid – here are solutions for preventing white antiperspirant marks on your clothes.

  • Avoid tight clothes that rub and transfer your antiperspirant onto the fabric.
  • Try dry formats like aerosols or sticks, which help prevent excess transfer onto clothes.
  • Prefer roll-on? Make sure your antiperspirant is completely dry before dressing.
  • Don’t go overboard with application – too much product can lead to build-up and then, stains.
  • Pick the right kind of protection - pick invisible. Our advanced no white marks technology in our Invisible on Black + White Clothes range makes the formula less visible to the eye, and stains less visible on clothes. It’s effective for excessive armpit sweating, too. Win-win.

If you've already got white marks on your clothes, check out our tips for washing them away.

What about stubborn yellow sweat stains?

What a way to ruin a classic shirt. Stubborn, yellow stains are when white marks go next-level. When dried sweat patches build up, they transform into yellow stains over time, which are harder to remove with normal washing.

How to remove stubborn yellow stains

  • Try a bio washing powder – these use enzymes to break down the sweat and excess product in the fabric.
  • If that stain isn’t budging, try a vinegar solution. Soak the offending fabric in two parts white vinegar, one-part water before washing. Don’t forget to read your label and test the fabric fastness first.
  • Take care of delicate fabrics like silk and ask a professional dry cleaner for advice.
  • If yellow stains are a constant battle from the result of excessive sweating, try a maximum strength antiperspirant to reduce excessive armpit sweating.

Now that you’re powered up with the right sweat-intelligence, sweat stains will become a thing of the past. Sure has your back – superior protection against excessive armpit sweating for you, and breakthrough protection against stains for your clothes.

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