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Sure Men and Women Invisible Black and White Antiperspirant Deodorant

No more deodorant stains

Want the best protection ever for your clothes plus stay dry and protected? Look no further. We created Invisible on Black + White Clothes in our quest to keep your clothes spotless and your underarms dry for up to 48 hours straight. Showcasing our advanced invisible technology that actively prevents sweating from turning into sweat stains and spoiling your clothes. Plus, it keeps you dry and smelling fresh, so you can concentrate living life to the max.


What causes yellow sweat stains and white marks?

What causes sweat stains? Aluminium salts – the active ingredients in antiperspirants that work hard to prevent sweating – mixed with sweat and natural oils produced by your body. Sweat itself is clear, but when sweat patches and residue dry on your clothes they can leave stains behind. Over time, these evolve into the annoying, yellow stains you know and loathe.


The science: Invisible Protection

Invisible by name, invisible by nature. Our game-changing formula is imperceptible on black, white and coloured clothing, so you don’t need to deal with a last-minute wardrobe disaster. How does it work? Innovative ingredients – masking oils and specially milled active ingredients – are less visible than regular antiperspirant ingredients. If you’re over dealing with white marks on your clothes, but still demand 48 hour sweat protection – this is the antiperspirant that won’t let you down.


The bottom line

No white marks + no yellow sweat stains

Invisible on Black + White Clothes formula

48-hour sweat protection


The science 

  • bacteria on skin

    Everyone carries bacteria

    Over 10 million bacteria live in your underarm. Soap alone isn’t enough to protect you from body odour.

  • body odour

    Body odour is bacteria

    Body odour is produced by bacteria on the skin that break sweat down into acids. This makes your armpits the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive.

  • fight the source

    Fight the source

    Specifically formulated with ingredients to fight odour causing bacteria, giving you the confidence of 48hr odour protection.


  • What causes sweat stains?

    Active ingredients in deodorants and anti-perspirants mix with sweat and natural oils produced by your body, creating stains on your clothes.

  • Our best anti-marks formula

    Sure® invisible on black + white clothes reduces signs of yellow stains and white marks with the same 48-hour protection. We tested it.

  • Protection everyday

    Keep your blacks black and your whites white for longer, allowing only your personality to leave the mark.


  • Pure Beauty Awards 2014 Best New Deodorant
    (Sure® Women Crystal Invisible Diamond on black + white clothes)

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