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We believe movement is for everyone. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to get the world moving, and keep it moving. From helping kids get into sport, to inspiring adults to find new ways to move. Which brings us to you. Discover your own movement mojo, with the help of our Movement Champions. And get personalised videos, curated playlists, inspiring stories and more. But that’s just for starters – we’ll be adding lots more in future. Dive in, and we’ll keep you moving in the right direction.

Dr Josephine Perrey
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Movemate series

Grab your #MoveMate and discover more ways to make your workouts twice as effective. To provide you with some encouragement, Sure has onboarded a diverse range of Movement Champions across a section of sports and abilities to bring you top tips and inspirations to keep moving!

Keep Moving

Create a workoutfor your world

Now it’s your turn. Whether you’re after something light and fun, or a session that’s bound to get you sweating, just tell us what you’re into and we’ll find the workout for you.


Find your champion

Our Movement Champions have mastered everything from dance to Pilates, HIIT to triathlons - but they're just as talented at making your living room a fun place to work out.

Get moving with the partner who matches your favourite moves and energy levels. They'll be your No. 1 supporter throughout, helping you smash those fitness goals.

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Helping to break barriers

We believe everyone has the right to move freely and safely. But that’s not the case everywhere. So, we’re partnering with people who share our belief.

They’re helping to break down the barriers that limit movement, exercise and sport – whether financial, cultural, or racial. Because everyone should have the right to move without limits.

Movement for all

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Nobody does this solo. We’re all one movement. Sign up to be part of the world’s most active community and we’ll get you on your way.