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Sure No.1 Antiperspirant reference

19th September 2023

Unilever UK Ltd
3 St James’s Road
Kingston upon Thames

Dear Sir/Madam,

This confirms that the information reported to Unilever UK Ltd on the Anti-Perspirant Deodorants market in UK shows that Sure sold 72,442,413 units and £132,909,331 value and was ranked first in units and first in value among brands for the 52-week period ending 12.08.2023. Our report shows Total Coverage for the UK Health and Beauty market.

Please note that:

  • While we have provided the above written confirmation of what we report in the Deodorants database, NielsenIQ does not endorse any client claim
  • Unilever UK Ltd may only make use of our name in association with the information it may reference in its claim. Unilever UK Ltd may not state or imply that NielsenIQ is the source of the claim itself.
  • Any Unilever UK Ltd claim that relies on NielsenIQ data must contain the following citation, including NielsenIQ’s copyright: o
    • “Source ©2023 NielsenIQ data, Unit/Value Sales, Anti-Perspirant Deodorants (client defined) w/e 12.08.2023 (GB)”
  • This letter is valid for 12 months from the date of issuance.

Information provided by NielsenIQ is primarily designed for Unilever UK Ltd internal use. We consent to the use of the results referenced in this letter in an advertisement or public communication on the condition that Unilever UK Ltd indemnifies and holds harmless NielsenIQ, its officers and directors against all claims, damages, loss or expenses (including attorney’s fees) relating to Unilever UK Ltd disclosure of NielsenIQ information


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