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Sure Men and Women Motion Sense

Sure Motionsense™ antiperspirant technology

The more you move, the more it works. Our innovative Motionsense™ technology is especially designed for you, so you can keep living life to the max. From exercising first thing, to hot sweats during the day, you’ll feel fresh, protected and confident in every moment.


The science: MotionSenseTM

How does it work? Easy. Unique microcapsules sit on the surface of your skin. When you move, friction bursts the capsules, releasing more fragrance for instant freshness. In short: MotionSense™ technology kicks into action as your day goes on to keep up with you. That means, the more you move, the more it protects you from BO.


Fresher for longer

Motionsense™ is the only fragrance technology that reacts directly to your movement. One hit of fragrance is what makes other deodorants and antiperspirants fade during the day as they evaporate through body temperature and sweat. Our breakthrough smart capsules burst with fresh fragrance throughout your day – this is the MotionSense™ difference. How to stop sweating? This unique technology won’t stop sweating but it’s your best line of defence against body odour. It will give you that fresh, clean feeling when your day suddenly steps it up a notch. The best part? It’s included in all our product ranges. Another one of the many reasons Sure always has your back, with every move and in every moment.


The bottom line

More you move, more it works

Microcapsules of freshness

MotionSense™ is in all core ranges


The science

  • Clever microcapsules

    Clever microcapsules

    Once applied, Motionsense™ microcapsules sit on the surface of the skin. As you move, underarm friction causes the capsules to burst, releasing immediate freshness.

  • Stay fresher, longer

    Stay fresher, longer

    With ordinary deodorants and antiperspirants, the fragrance and protection slowly fade during the day, as the product evaporates due to body temperature and sweat.

  • Do more all day

    Do more all day

    Motionsense™ is the only antiperspirant that reacts directly to movement all day long, continuing to release bursts of extra freshness protection, allowing you to do more.


  • Woman Hot 100 Awards 2013

    Woman Hot 100 Awards 2013: Best hard-working deodorant

  • The Best Beauty Awards 2013

    The Best Beauty Awards 2013: Best Deodorant

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