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With a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, Elle had a mission to make fitness her future. She’s all about getting a sweat on, smashing workouts and being inspired by the people in her sessions.

Elle’s exercises are all about mixing it up. Keeping it interesting and making sure everyone, at any level, feels motivated to “just keep moving”. When asked who she was inspired by, Elle said,

“I’m a huge champion for grassroots. Whether that’s someone getting their first press-up or completing their first 30-mile ride! There are a lot of “everyday” women, especially in cycling, that are my heroes! That’s who I wanna be when I grow up!”

Well, we want to be like you Elle. There, we said it. 


A plank. As a strong core-focused workout, a plank is the starting point for so many great moves.

Top Tips:

“First of all, if you can, use a mirror or take a photo of yourself in a plank to check your form. You want to make sure you’re keeping a neutral spine to protect your lower back, engage your core by squeezing your belly button towards your spine and not allowing yourself to sink into your shoulders. That’s a good start!” 

We Want to Champion You

We want to celebrate how you’re moving more at home. Post your home workouts on Instagram, tag @sure and hashtag #MoveMoreAtHome

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