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Sure Exercises to keep fit

From boxing to yoga:

the most popular exercises to keep fit

Looking for a way to shake up your fitness routine? Where better to start than with some of the most popular everyday exercises to stay fit. From walking to weightlifting, yoga to boxing, these are the top 10 exercises of the active. So pick your favourite. Start moving. And find a new everyday way to push yourself. 

  • 1
    Walking Movement


    Don’t underestimate the power of a brisk walk. Getting from A-to-B on foot is great exercise. Take in the fresh air, raise your heartbeat, even work up a sweat. Looking for more of a challenge? Walking on sand is more testing. Your feet sink into it so your tendons, ligaments and muscles work harder  

  • 2
    Running Movement


    For some active people, running is a way of life. Make it yours. Start with short routes and build yourself up to longer ones. Try hill sprints instead of the usual flat routes if you really want to push yourself – it requires more muscles

  • 3
    Cycling Movement


    Explore your local area by bike. Life on two wheels is convenient and good exercise. For more adventure, try mountain biking. It’ll get your adrenaline pumping. The ascents and descents can improve your cardio more than road cycling 

  • 4
    Aerobics Movement


    Pay homage to the 80s – with or without the outfit. Aerobics classes are ideal for people wondering how to stay fit and active. Don’t let sweat get in the way of your moves: apply Sure Women Invisible Pure Antiperspirant Deodorant before your class, for long-lasting protection (and no white marks on your leotard)

  • 5
    Weightlifting Movement


    Weight training is more about building strength than about getting muscle bound. It can be a great part of your everyday routine. Head to the gym with a friend, so you’ve got someone to spot you, and you’re good to go – just ask the instructors to show you the ropes if it’s your first time

  • 6
    Football Movement


    Not a fan of the gym? Five-a-side football is a classic team game to help keep you fit and active. Look online for teams. Or grab your friends and head to the local park 

  • 7
    Mind-body exercise

    Mind-body exercise.

    Calm your mind. Energise your body. Yoga is proven to clear your mind and improve your fitness. Head to your local gym or sports centre to find inner peace in the company of others. Or if you’d prefer something more dynamic and strength-focused, go for a Pilates class, instead

  • 8
    Athletics Movement


    Channel your inner pro-athlete. Time yourself when running round the track and try to beat your time each week. Take on the track with a spray of Sure Men Invisible Ice Antiperspirant Deodorant. It defends on every level against body odour, sweat and antiperspirant deodorant marks 

  • 9
    Dancing Movement


    If structured exercises to keep fit aren’t for you, dancing might well be. It’s great for an all-over body workout. From Zumba and ballet classes to a night out with your friends, dancing is fun, liberating… and if you want it to be, totally free 

  • 10
    Boxing Movement


    There’s a reason this is so popular. Boxing is intense. It demands cardiovascular and core strength. And of course, it’s great if you’re holding a grudge. Just a couple of minutes of sparring and you’ll break into a sweat