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upper body with laura brown

HIIT Workouts Upper Body with Laura Brown


The trick to making exercise a part of your every day? Finding a workout routine that you just can’t get enough of. On top of that, it has to be easily done from wherever suits you, in a time frame that works. No one said it would be easy, but we’re dedicated to making it happen. It’s your world, your workout and if the exercises we gave you from our workout builder don’t feel like a good fit, then try these HIIT workouts upper body style. Let’s get stuck into some upper body exercises courtesy of Team GB triathlete, Laura Brown. 

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    Map out your movements

    How to HIIT it

    If you’ve only got 30 minutes to get in a killer arm workout, high intensity training is a great go-to. For an upper body focused version Laura recommends, “choosing moves such as push ups, shoulder taps, supermans and burpees. If you have small dumbbells, you could also include renegade rows, squat presses, punches and more.” 

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    Take the HIIT.


    Upper body workouts are not only for arms. When it comes to building strength in your chest muscles, look to ye ol’ faithful: push ups. With the right form, push ups can help you get in a killer chest workout at home. 


    When it comes to technique, Laura advises that, “often maintaining form can be a challenge when you put your knees on the floor. Keep your shoulders over your wrists and drop hips in line with the rest of your body.” 

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    Good tunes


    The superman move uses your own body weight as resistance which means no gear but the right idea. Simply start by lying flat on your stomach. Keep your arms stretched out in front of you. When you’re ready, lift your arms and legs off the ground using your back and core (bonus) to hold this position for a few minutes at a time. 

    Bonus: Laura loves this move as, “strengthening your back is great for posture – especially if you spend 9-5 working on a computer.”

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    Minimise rest

    Shoulder tap

    Abs and arms – two for the pain of one. Shoulder taps not only give you killer arm workouts, but they double up as a great move for core exercises. Start with the standard push up position. You can start on your knees if it’s easier, then using the palm of each hand touch alternating shoulders until your interval is done. Simple but so effective, just how workouts should be, no?

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    Switch up your session


    Burpees make for killer shoulder workouts, but they’re also great for your core and cardio fitness levels. A burpee is a sequence of positions: begin standing, then lower yourself into squat position. 

    How To:

    Place your hands flat on the ground and assume plank position. 

    Immediately return to squat position and jump back up into standing position. 

    Repeat this sequence as often as you can in your interval and say hello to a sweat you’ll never regret. 

Discomfort is a major distraction when you’re working out. So keep yourself free from sweat and odour for up to 72 hours with Sure Advanced Protection. It’s all about focusing on what makes you feel good. 

High intensity interval training for your upper body can be done anywhere, at any time, and with only a half hour to spare. With the right sweat protection, professional direction from the brilliant Laura Brown, and a go hard attitude – there’s nothing stopping you from strengthening your upper body.