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As one of the world’s biggest deodorant brands, we’re on a mission to protect the spaces and places we love to move in. Here’s what we’re doing to make our products safer and more sustainable for you and the planet.


Our ingredients

We keep a close eye on everything that goes into our products. Read how we make sure 100% of our scents, preservative and material we use are safe – and most importantly, sustainable.

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Climate change commitments

At Sure, we are fully committed to taking action on climate change. From no longer using fossil fuels in our factories to reducing our carbon footprint, take a look at the changes we’re making to help protect our world.

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Recycling commitments

Reducing plastic waste is a big priority for us. As well as increasing our use of reusable materials, we’re making it easier for you to recycle our packaging. See what else we’re doing to meet our aim of Less plastic. Better plastic. No plastic.

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