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Qualifying Products

Entrants will need to purchase at least one of the qualifying products(s) and keep a digital copy of the receipt for validation if they are to win the competition.

Qualifying products include:

i. Sure Men Antiperspirant Aerosol Invisible Ice Fresh 150ml

ii. Sure Men Antiperspirant Aerosol Active dry 150ml

Iii. Radox Shower Gel Feel Awake 225ml

iv. Radox Shower Gel Feel Uplifted 225ml

vi. DoveMen+Care Antiperspirant Aerosol Classic 150ml

vi. DoveMen+Care Shower Gel Extra Fresh 250ml

vii. DoveMen+Care Shower Gel Clean Comfort250ml

viii. DoveMen+Care Shower Gel Extra Fresh700ml

ix. DoveMen+Care Shower Gel Clean Comfort 700ml

x. Lynx Body spray Africa 200ml

xi. Lynx Body spray Jungle Fresh 200ml

xii. Lynx Shower Gel Africa225ml

xiii. Lynx Shower Gel Jungle Fresh 225ml

xiv. Lynx Shower Gel Africa 700ml

xv. Lynx Shower Gel Jungle Fresh700ml