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Get Moving

Get Moving

We’re on a mission to get people moving with Sure This Girl Can

How? By doing it together and making it fun. Where? Anywhere and everywhere that works for you. Why? Because it makes people feel good. Especially when doing it with friends, coaches, and women across the nation.

That’s why we teamed up with Sport England’s award-winning This Girl Can campaign to help give women everywhere the confidence to get moving more in everyday life, with the help of our best ever performance in an aerosol or roll on. Sure’s MotionSense (TM) technology works harder the more you move, so it won’t let you down.

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A Workout That Works For You

Hannah is Sure

Our dedicated trainer is here to cheer you on, ready with a workout (or two) to help you get moving – and feeling good. Just tell us how long you’ve got, what you fancy doing and what you have to hand, whether it’s water bottles for weights or skipping ropes in the garden.

Meet the woman powering your workout

Once referred to as a real-life superhero, Laura Brown went from never riding a bike to being selected for the Team GB triathlete team – in less than a year. Now a full-time coach, this fitness lover is firm in her belief that working out goes way beyond the walls of any gym.

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Commitment Module

Music to Make you move
Combined Shape

We’ve all got music that just makes us want to get up and shake it. Music that gets us pumped, makes us run faster and jump higher.

So we've created three playlists, gradually increasing in intensity, to give you the extra energy and motivation you might need to boss your workout, with Sure Advanced Protection.

Loving the tunes? Use them while you get moving with our dedicated trainer, Laura, who’s here to inspire you in the Workout Builder section above.

Their World Their Workout

Get moving with our Movement Champions

Need a last-minute push to help take things up a notch? We asked a few of our favourite fitness pros to share their secrets to staying motivated, why they love to get a sweat on and how they make Their World Their Workout.

Combined Shape



Gives you double the protection*
*vs Sure Core Aerosols