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Sure Men and Women Maximum Protection

Beat excessive sweating & stay confident with Sure Maximum Protection

Sweating when we move, feel stressed or workout is part of life. But feeling drenched with sweat at any given moment – also known as excessive sweating – is no joke. For some, the struggle is real. Imagine a product that promises to stop sweating going next-level. A product that will reduce excessive sweating, so you can wear what you want. Introducing: Sure Maximum Protection. Our breakthrough technology and the pinnacle in protection – your go-to champion against the effects of sweating. It’s time to feel unstoppable starting… now.


Why do we sweat?

We can’t stop sweating from happening to our bodies – and we shouldn’t want to. It works like this: when we get too hot, perspiration lowers our body temperature, cooling us down as it evaporates. Illness, hormones, adrenaline and stress can also turn on the sweat-switch. Excessive sweating is when sweating kicks it up a notch (or five) – sometimes without reason. Some effects include noticeably wet clothing, slippery hands and constant sweat patches, even if you’re in a cool room.


Our solution to excessive sweating

We mean business with our expert formulas. Our clinically proven antiperspirant is expertly created to manage effects of excessive sweating. So, you can count on us to effectively protect you against intense sweating when you need it most. For up to 48 hours, innovative ingredients in Maximum Protection create a barrier against excessive underarm sweat – essentially preventing sweat from coming to the surface of your skin. This protects you thanks to the TRIsolid ™ formula, which includes an increased active ingredient to keep you feeling fresh and dry. It’s a game-changer for excessive sweating.


Your anti-sweat formula in every format

Maximum Protection is all about: cutting-edge technology, high strength formulas and exceptional sweat protection so you can keep focused on the important things in life. Specifically designed for excessive sweating, Sure Maximum Protection comes in an easy to apply cream-stick format. Beat excessive sweating with our best line of defence, starting now.

We’re always striving for the best innovations – and this is it. Our most protective product yet – a real game-changer. We’re taking excessive sweating seriously. Giving you the power – and freedom – to take on whatever the days throws your way. Nothing can stop you – not the heat or the stress – not even sweat.


The science

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    What is Sure Maximum Protection?

    It is our most powerful protection designed to combat excessive sweating and body odour for up to 48 hours

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    Expert endorsed

    With a unique blend of skin-moisturising ingredients, our most powerful protection is endorsed by experts and dermatologically tested, making it suitable for everyday use

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    How to use

    Sure Maximum Protection can be used in the morning or at night.

    For optimum sweat protection, apply at night when your sweat glands are less active. You will be protected for 48 hours, even after showering.

    Twist the bottom of your anti-perspirant deodorant stick to release cream, then swipe onto each underarm in even motions.


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