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What is the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant

We all move throughout the day. And when we move, we sweat, and with sweat comes body odour, so we reach for a deodorant or antiperspirant to keep that body odour at bay. It’s a good move. But what actually is the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant?

Both combat body odour, but if you want more than just to fend off that body odour, it’s an antiperspirant you’ll want under your arms – it’s those that manage and defend against the actual sweat you produce when making your moves.

What’s more, our range of antiperspirants offer three different levels of protection – EssentialOpens in a new window, NonstopOpens in a new window and MaximumOpens in a new window – to keep you confidently fresh and provide you with long-lasting protection throughout the day, no matter how you’re moving.

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Why choose Sure Antiperspirant?

We want to give everyone the confidence to move and keep moving. There’s no better way to do that than with one of our antiperspirants, designed to keep you feeling comfortable and confident while you’re out there moving forward. This is how:

Patented Anti-Sweat Technology

Many of our Nonstop and Maximum Protection products use our patented anti-sweat technology – they take sweat management to a whole new level. Perspiration is kept to a minimum to help keep you dry and fresh, that way you feel confident to push yourself to the max.

MotionSense technology

Our antiperspirants equipped with MotionSense technology adapt to your body's movements. The more you move, the harder the antiperspirant works, releasing bursts of freshness when you need them most. Stay active, stay confident.

‘Invisible’ Antiperspirants

No-one wants visible marks on their clothes, that’s why there’s ‘ InvisibleOpens in a new window’ antiperspirants in our range, formulated to reduce potential for white marks & yellow stains. Wear your favourite attire in total comfort, enjoying long-lasting protection discreetly, without unsightly marks.

The difference between antiperspirant and deodorants – it’s a real one. Going with a Sure antiperspirant means you don’t just tackle body odour but you can also rely on effective, long-lasting sweat management. That way you feel confident with every move you make. Sure. It won’t let you down.

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