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Do you need maximum protection?

If you move around loads during the day, find you sweat a lot – or possibly both – then you may need some extra help to stay fresh and dry.

Maximum Protection deodorants contain the best possible protection. They’re also dermatologist-tested.

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Oddly enough, it starts working while you’re asleep.

It uses an advanced formula called TRIsolid™ body responsive technology, which forms a protective layer across your sweat glands. And because your skin is more receptive when you’re asleep, it’s best applied before bed.

This allows the formula to build up a strong layer of protection, which will last throughout the following day. Even after you shower.

TRIsolid™ body responsive technology forms a protective layer across your sweat glands.


You never know when your day might bring on a sweat. When you’re stuck on a packed train, having to make a presentation at work or running for the bus. With Maximum Protection, you can tackle the day with complete confidence.

Another smart feature in our deodorant ranges is MotionSense™ – the only fragrance technology that reacts directly to the movement of your body. Tiny microcapsules sit on the surface of your skin. And whenever you move, underarm friction causes the capsules to burst, releasing fresh fragrance throughout the day.

So, whether you’re more active in the mornings, or a die-hard night owl, MotionSense™ has you covered.

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You might think with all those hi-tech ingredients, maximum strength deodorants would be harsh on your skin.

Well, we’ve thought of that – and that’s where our built-in moisturisers come in. They make our deodorants gentle enough for everyday use. And because the TRIsolid™ cream comes in a handy stick format, it’s quick and easy to apply.

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