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Solid vs roll-on antiperspirants: you decide

Roll-on, aerosol, stick – so many ways to master your antiperspirant fix. But what’s the difference between them? Are sticks better for excessive sweating or do roll-ons have more powerful protection? Stop sweating the small stuff and let us decode solid vs roll-on antiperspirants for you.

What is a stick deodorant or antiperspirant?

No mess, no fuss. Stick or solid antiperspirants are dry, smooth or creamy to the touch. They’re formulated from a dense substance that forms a protective layer over your skin to stop sweating from dampening your day. High temperatures? No problem. Our superior technology means your stick will hold its shape and stay put no matter your time zone.

The pros and cons of solid antiperspirants

The upside of stick antiperspirants is they apply dry and are super-quick to use and solid antiperspirants are ideal for those who suffer from excessive sweating. Creamy and waxy in consistency, stick or solid antiperspirants are seriously good with excessive sweating because the formula champions one of our strongest aluminium actives, for some of the most effective protection. But, the powdery texture of solid antiperspirants can make it easier for white marks, stains and residue. The sure-fire solution – don’t apply too much product and wait a couple of minutes before getting dressed.

What’s a roll-on antiperspirant?

Roll-on antiperspirants are usually a tube of clear liquid topped with a roller-ball. This roller-ball dispenses your expert sweat-solution antiperspirant liquid onto dry underarms as you roll it. The active ingredients are an oil-in-water emulsion and look – and feel – like a liquid.

The pros and cons of antiperspirant roll-ons

The pros? Roll-ons are easy to manouver and accurate to use, plus they’re ultra-compact and a safe way to help stop sweating. The cons are they can feel sticky or wet before they dry on your skin and take a few minutes to completely dry compared to other antiperspirant deodorants. And, if you dress too soon, wet residue can leave stains on your clothes. Try an antiperspirant that’s expertly formulated to help prevent stains and keep you dry like Sure Invisible on Black + White Clothes It’ll keep you protected and won’t leave marks on your shirt, either.

The choice is yours

No matter what you choose, you’ll be protected from sweat. A good antiperspirant will leave you feeling dry, fresh and unstoppable, whatever the situation. And, both a stick or a roll-on will effectively stop sweating from stopping you.

Top tip for excessive sweating

If you suffer from excessive sweating, try applying your antiperspirant at night before bed. Your sweat glands are less active at night and it’ll help prepare you during the night and the following day.

Roll-on vs stick, whichever you choose, antiperspirant is your ultimate protector against wetness, body odour and sweating. Throw your arms up and take dryness to new levels, no compromise. Our expert technology will stop sweating from holding you back.

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