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Take Sure With You Wherever You Go

Packing for the weather. Checking in. Passports. Flight attire. There’s plenty to think about when you’re getting ready to travel. Staying fresh should be on that list too. Whether it’s just a weekend get-away or a globetrotting adventure, having the best travel deodorants to hand can make all the difference in getting the most out of your travels. Let’s break down how Sure can help.

Don’t Forget About Size

We’re all familiar with the airport restrictions on liquids – you can’t take anything in hand luggage that contains more than 100mL. Good thing then that Sure antiperspirant exists in a bespoke travel-size of 75mL. And alongside that, you’ll be able to find Sure 48hr Essential Protection and 72hr Nonstop Protection deodorants as 50mL roll-ons, as well as a 96hr Maximum Protection 45mL cream stick – the perfect travel-sized deodorants.

That’s fantastic sweat and odour protection in the palm of your hand – where else can you find that? Only another reason why Sure has some of the best travel deodorants around.

Sure – Has Everyone’s Back

The great thing about Sure antiperspirants is that you can find the ideal kind of protection, no matter how much you sweat.

So, if you’re planning to head to a hotter climate, or you’ve got a holiday agenda that’s full of moving – or both – and you’re a heavy sweater in general, then it’s our most effective performance in combating sweat and odour you’ll want under your arms. That’s where our Maximum ProtectionOpens in a new window range comes in. Any of the deodorants in this range will give you 96hrs of protection, so no matter the activities you have planned, you can move through your day with fresh confidence. (For anyone that isn’t a heavy sweater, some of our Nonstop Protection should have you covered, even in a hotter climate.)

For colder climates, or those dreamy holidays where relaxing is priority number one, and you don’t tend to sweat much anyway, then Nonstop ProtectionOpens in a new window is just the thing, with its reliable 72hrs of defence. (Heavy sweaters, you’ll still want to have some Max Protection under your arms, even in colder climates.)

Men, there’s Thermo Fresh for you, with its clean, crisp fragrance. Women, for you there’s Pure Melon Aloe, a fresh and fruity fragrance. Both will deliver that lasting freshness that only Sure can, and you’ll have all the backup you need, whether you’re making moves in colder temperatures or you’re lounging worry-free.