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Welcome to Sure’s MoveMate Series – a programme designed to inspire and aid you to keep moving at home, and use the power of two to make your workouts as effective as possible. From partnered workout challenges to top tips for overcoming fitness fatigue at home, we’ll help you get twice the results from your exercise routine – and all you need is a mate!

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Almost half (43%) of Brits admit to always or often losing motivation to workout regularly.

A fifth (20%) of Brits admit they need someone to tell them what to do when it comes to working out.

A quarter (24%) admit to pushing themselves less when exercising alone.

Running for the win, with almost a quarter of the nation (23%) listing it as the form of exercise that delivers the most results.

Keep going! 1 in 5 (20%) say “keep going” is the most encouraging thing they could hear during a workout.

Agree your goal for the work out up front so you keep pushing each other when the fatigue kicks in.

DR Josephine's Seven Suggestions for moving with a mate:

Breaking barriers through movement

1. Smile at each other. Studies show that when we see someone else smile, we smile back and when we smile we trick our brain into thinking the exercise we are doing is easier than it is and can keep going for longer.

2. Share reasons you are grateful. When we go hunting for things to be thankful for we focus more on the good stuff in life and so reframe difficult things more positively.

3. Agree your goal for the work out up front so you keep pushing each other when the fatigue kicks in.

4. Practice using the words ‘yet’ or ‘and so’ with each other. Then for every negative phrase you state it can be twisted into something more helpful such as ‘This is hard… and so I’ll definitely benefit’ or ‘I can’t do this…Yet’.

5. Observe each other and pull out something you each do really well. Exercise feels easier when we have just received a complement about the skills we are using.

6. Remind each other when the other’s technique falters. We can get lax on our own but having someone next to you to prompt; shoulders back, core strong or feet higher, keeps us working at our best.

7. Make a bit of the session competitive – and have a punishment for the loser; like exercises of those other’s choice or paying for the post workout coffees.

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Chartered Sports Psychologist, Dr Josephine Perrey said:

“We all know we should be exercising and that it brings lots of benefits but when motivation is low and stress levels are high it can be hard to get going. Psychological studies have found that one of the best ways to boost motivation is to exercise with others; it makes us work harder, increases our accountability and, most importantly, makes it more fun. That sense of connection to someone else is a brilliant secret weapon when trying to get fit and stay more active”.