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cold sweats during sleep as a night sweat

Cold Sweats


What Is a Cold Sweat?

Cold sweats refer to any sweating that isn’t caused by heat or physical exertion. Since the body isn’t hot in the first place, the sweat can make you feel cold and your skin clammy.


What Causes Cold Sweats?

Also known as diaphoresis, cold sweats are actually caused by our body’s ‘fight or flight’ response, which is designed to protect us in dangerous situations. They can be brought on by a variety of things, including:

•             Stress or anxiety

•             Pain caused by a sudden injury

•             Low blood sugar

•             Low blood pressure

•             Migraines and severe headaches

•             Menopause

•             Some medications, such as antibiotics and herbal supplements

•             Shock, caused by a severe injury or illness – this needs immediate medical attention


Some people get hot and cold sweats with the flu or experience cold sweats while sleeping, particularly if they have a fever. You can also experience excessive cold sweating if you’ve had too much alcohol.


What to Do About Cold Sweats?

If you’re experiencing daily cold sweats or night sweats, you should see your doctor or medical practitioner so they can investigate your symptoms.


How to Treat Cold Sweats?

Treatment depends on what’s causing your cold sweats, but options could include the following.


•             Relaxation. If you know your cold sweats are triggered by stress or anxiety, relaxation techniques such as meditation and mindfulness can help. Physical exercise such as jogging or yoga can also help your body to release tension.


•             Changing your sleeping environment. If you get cold sweats while sleeping, try adjusting the room temperature and wear breathable, loose clothing.


•             Improving your diet. If your cold sweats are caused by low blood sugar, keep yourself fed and nourished throughout the day. It’s worth avoiding sugary foods before bedtime too.


You might also want to use an antiperspirant deodorant. Sure® Men Maximum Protection Extreme Fresh and Sure® Women Maximum Protection Stress Control give you our best protection against sweat and wetness for your underarms.


Just keep in mind that cold sweats can be a symptom of something more serious. So if you’re in any doubt, always consult your doctor or a medical professional.


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