Man working on his laptop pulling at his hair

Keep It Fresh At Work

In the bustling world of the modern workplace, we’re all constantly on the move, so staying fresh and maintaining a pleasant scent throughout the day is more important than ever. It’s about respecting those around you, and it’s about respecting yourself, and feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. No one wants to worry about body odour when they should be focused on their work.

How many times have you walked into your place of work, and you immediately get caught up in the whirlwind of a busy workday, managing meetings, deadlines and clients, all at the same time? We’ve all been there. It’s easy to forget about caring for your personal hygiene while you’re taking care of your professional responsibilities, but letting that care for yourself slip can have an impact on your overall workplace experience.

So how can you overcome the challenge of how to smell good all day? With Sure. We’ll get you moving in the right direction, and ready to face any hurdle that comes your way with confidence.


How to stay fresh all day. It all starts with your morning routine: Waking up early so you don’t feel rushed. Taking a moment to rehydrate after your night’s sleep to help kickstart your metabolism. Having a few minutes of movement, like stretching or light exercise, to wake your body up by increasing your blood flow. Taking a shower.

And once you’ve stepped out of your shower, you can turn to our range of antiperspirantsOpens in a new window to keep you confidently fresh and protected throughout the day. They each cater to different lifestyles, but by applying a Sure antiperspirant in the morning before you start making your moves, you’ll have set up your first line of defence against unwanted odours.


Key to how to smell good all day is having the right antiperspirant under your arms. All Sure antiperspirants have advanced formulas that effectively combat sweat and odour, but it’s all about choosing an antiperspirant that suits your needs and keeps you feeling your best.


Maximum ProtectionOpens in a new window antiperspirant is a real game-changer, providing an impressive 96 hours of sweat and odour protection. It keeps you feeling dry and smelling great no matter how demanding your day is, so whether you’re heading to the office or breaking through barriers at the gym, you can count on Sure’s most advanced, long-lasting protection to keep you moving to the max.


For continuous freshness you can’t go wrong with Nonstop ProtectionOpens in a new window, which combats sweat and odour for 72 hours. From early-morning meetings to late-night outings – and everything in between – this antiperspirant makes sure you remain dry and odour-free. It’s your reliable companion that’ll keep you confidently moving on and on.


Feeling fresh and confident through your day-to-day activities has never been easier than with Essential ProtectionOpens in a new window, which provides 48 hours of sweat and odour protection. Run errands, head out to those casual gatherings, go about your routine – stay focused on what matters most – all with the confidence of someone who’s getting that dependable, effective protection against sweat and odour.


To give your freshness a whole new dimension you can layer your Sure products with other types of perfume. Take Sure Bright Bouquet Antiperspirant DeodorantOpens in a new window. It’s not just a fruity fragrance for summer. You can pull out the warm vanilla notes by combining the antiperspirant with a perfume that has sandalwood or musk notes for colder months. And perfumes with notes of jasmine, citrus fruits or wild berry will complement the strawberry notes of Bright Bouquet antiperspirant perfectly. And men, you know what goes great with your aftershave? Some Sure Men antiperspirant.


Keeping fresh and odour-free as you go through your workday doesn’t have to be a challenge. Not with Sure under your arms. How to smell good all day comes down to your morning routine, and more importantly, finding just the right protection that works for you. With Sure’s antiperspirant rangeOpens in a new window everyone’s covered. Stay fresh and stay confident with Sure. It won’t let you down.