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What is an antiperspirant?

Movement is part of every moment. We move to unwind, for the sport we play, for the bus we’re late for. And when we move, we sweat – it’s nature’s way of cooling us down. An antiperspirant is the go-to hero for conquering the effects of sweat. And as pioneers of protection against sweat patches and damp hugs, we’re the original experts on sweat. This is your guide – everything you need to know on how to stop sweating – from choosing an antiperspirant vs deodorant to what it takes to beat strong body odour. Sweating the big – and small – stuff, stops now…

What's an antiperspirant

What's an antiperspirant

Does an antiperspirant stop sweating?

Sweating is nature’s way of cooling us down – like a built-in thermostat gauge for your body. If you’ve ever wondered how to stop sweating, chances are an antiperspirant is what you reach for in your kit. But, have you asked yourself how an antiperspirant works to stop sweating? Here’s the deal – while antiperspirants aren’t designed to stop sweating completely, they are a sure-fire solution to help keep you dry, prevent sweat patches and beat BO.

How antiperspirants work: the science

Let’s get under the skin of why we sweat. We all have two kinds of sweat glands – eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine sweat glands are found all over the body and mostly secrete water-based sweat. Apocrine glands? These secrete an oily, odourless sweat. Antiperspirant actives – AKA aluminium salts – work by dissolving into the moisture of your (eccrine) sweat glands and creating a temporary plug. This blocks sweat from reaching the skin’s surface, ultimately, keeping you dry and feeling fresh. These plugs gradually dissolve and that’s when it’s time to reapply. From Invisible on Black + White Clothes to Motionsense™ fragrance capsules, here at Sure, our breakthrough technologies make us the experts on sweat. From every hug to high-five, you can count on us to keep you dry and protected.

Can an antiperspirant also be a deodorant?

Yes, but they’re not the same thing. Let’s break it down. Deodorants mask body odour with fragrance. Antiperspirants prevent sweat from reaching the surface of the skin. Decoded, that means body odour doesn’t stand a chance with antiperspirant – and neither do sweat patches. We include both benefits in our antiperspirants – so you’re protected and fragranced in one hit.

Target strong body odour

Fact: sweat doesn’t smell on its own. It’s odourless until it comes into contact with bacteria that live on the surface of our skin. Our Antibacterial Odour Protection range champions ingredients like alcohol to slow bacteria growth which in turn, reduces the chance of BO. By targeting this bacteria first, we’re fighting strong body odour where it starts.

Are antiperspirants safe?

In a word – yes. And don’t just take our word for it. Antiperspirants and deodorants have been used safely for more than 50 years and are effective, extensively evaluated and proven safe to use regularly. Aluminium salts are the key ingredient in antiperspirants to keep you feeling dry. Here at Sure, we have strict standards to ensure our formulations are safe for you to use, day after day. Looking for more info? Read more about the safety of our antiperspirant ingredients

Which antiperspirant is for you?

Roll-on, aerosol, stick. Regardless of which antiperspirant you prefer, all are guaranteed to help protect you from sweat. Aerosols are quick-drying, precise and super-fast to apply. Plus, they give you a hit of instant fragrance when you need it most. Roll-ons are wet to the touch but work brilliantly once dry. Stick antiperspirants are solid with a creamy consistency and are dry to apply – they also have some of our highest levels of antiperspirant protection. The choice is yours – all antiperspirants work the same way to help stop sweating, prevent sweat patches and strong body odour.

High-fives, hot days, 5k runs. With the right kind of antiperspirant protection, you can move and be free to live life without the fear of sweat and body odour. Because nothing should stop you, not even sweat.

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